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March 11, 2023
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The Acceptance of Imperfection: Creating Music and Photography in Berlin

Michel van Collenburg is a musician and photographer living in the Netherlands who, every year, finds his way back to Berlin for it’s creativity and inspiration. In this episode, we find out more about Michel’s journey and how he has made Berlin his “second home”. Michel offers insights into his cre...

March 04, 2023
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Do You Miss America?

In this episode, Jae reflects on his 10-month journey of moving from Texas to Berlin. It explores Jae’s feelings of homesickness, what he misses most about the US, what he appreciates about Berlin, and whether he plans on staying in Berlin long-term. Through personal anecdotes and insights, Jae shar...

January 07, 2023
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A Few Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving To Berlin

In this episode, Jae explains the lessons and tips he would tell his past self if he was moving to Berlin again for the first time.

December 17, 2022
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Starting a Company in Berlin

“Berlin is as cool as Brooklyn, but cheap.” This sentence inspired Jeremy to move to Berlin in 2014. While starting to learn German, he found that none of the existing language learning apps enabled him to speak the language, so he decided to start his own: Seedlang. In this episode, he shares how t...

December 10, 2022
28:2820.26 MB

Being Black in Berlin

In this episode Jae talks about his experiences being Black in Berlin and how it has affected him emotionally and mentally. In this raw, uncut episode which feels more like a diary entry, Jae opens up on how he feels about his life here as a person of color and some of the internal and external chal...

December 03, 2022
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Raising a Family as an Expat in Berlin & How the City Has Changed

Rachel Stern from The Local joins us to talk about having kids and raising a family in Berlin, Germany's working culture, life as a journalist, cash vs. cards, learning German, and the best and worst aspects of being an expat.

November 12, 2022
20:4014.89 MB

Being an Artist in Berlin

Berlin is a special place, especially for artists. In this episode, Jae explains how Berlin's art scene was a big inspiration for him to come here and how the art scene might compare to some other cities he's previously lived in. He provides personal insight and recommendations for the different typ...

November 05, 2022
32:5423.3 MB

Berlin Changes You

How does Berlin change you? We touch upon intercultural competence, Berlin's roughness, privilige, party life, safe spaces and boundaries while tackling this question.

August 27, 2022
55:2338.73 MB

Being Gay in Berlin

Jack and Jae discuss what it's like being gay in Berlin. Topics include Berlin's party scene and sex culture, finding a gay doctor, dating, queer events and activities, and how to find other gay friends