The Best Thing About Berlin Is Potsdam
Everyone Is Moving To BerlinNovember 18, 2023
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The Best Thing About Berlin Is Potsdam

Kevin Alterfritz, historian and Potsdam aficionado, takes us beyond Berlin’s shadow to reveal why many believe Potsdam is the real highlight. We explore the city's hidden gems, from the Dutch Quarter to the Russian Colony and the palatial parks that outshine even Sanssouci. Kevin shares his personal journey with Potsdam, tips for experiencing its compact beauty, and why it's known as Germany's Beverly Hills.

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You can contact Kevin at He also gives private tours of Berlin and Potsdam but be aware that he is often booked-up months in advance.

A great way to get to know Potsdam is with the walking tours offered by the city tourism office, Potsdamer Service & Marketing GmbH.

Kevin's inside tips for the summer

  1. Pfingstberg Belvedere
  2. Meierei brewery and beer garden (The brewery pub is open year-round)
  3. Marble Palace (This palace is open year-round on weekends)
  4. Swimming area at the Heiliger See
  5. Culture Area Schiffbauergasse
  6. Villa Colony Babelsberg (The city tourism office tours given here are only in German!)

At this time of year (November and December), Potsdam offers several Christmas Markets.