November 18, 2023

The Best Thing About Berlin Is Potsdam

Kevin Alterfritz, historian and Potsdam aficionado, takes us beyond Berlin’s shadow to reveal why many believe Potsdam is the real highlight. We explore the city's hidden gems, from the Dutch Quarter to the Russian Colony and the palatial parks that outshine even Sanssouci. Kevin shares his personal...

April 15, 2023

Berlin's Libraries

Berlin has sooo many libraries! In this episode, Manuel sums up the variety of resources offered by the VÖBB libraries, the Berlin State Library, and university libraries. You'll learn about the affordable library card and its benefits, including digital services and access to eBook, audio books and...

March 25, 2023

Sweet Popcorn & Subtitles: Going to the Movies in Berlin

Ricardo Ancona, a true film nerd and former theater owner, declares Berlin a movie lover's paradise. In this episode, he unveils the secrets of German cinema etiquette – from sweet popcorn, licorice and wine to hushed tones – and explains audio and subtitle choices. He also provides an overview of t...