Everyone Is Moving To Berlin

Everyone Is Moving To Berlin

If you’re looking to move to Berlin (or just moved here), then this podcast is for you. We're here to provide personal insight on everything you need to know in order to move to Germany's pulsating capital. Through each episode, we tackle topics that will help you make your journey to Berlin easy and enjoyable. Already living in Berlin? Then you might appreciate hearing the tips, advice and personal stories of others who've decided to call Berlin their new home. Listen for free in your podcast app of choice!

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February 24, 2024
48:0333.71 MB

Roommate Roulette: What (Not) to Do Before Moving Into a WG

Jae has had some challenges with flatmates* and landlords*. So we dedicate an entire episode to tenant associations, deposits and everything you need to know before the rental dispute hits you. (*All names have been changed.)

February 04, 2024
39:1027.61 MB

The Anti-Racism-Protests and the AfD

In our first episode in 2024, we reflect on the growth of our podcast and the decision to release episodes on our own timeline. We express gratitude to our supporters and invite suggestions for topics and guests and talk about our personal goals for this year. For our main topic, we discuss the rece...

November 18, 2023
34:5824.72 MB

The Best Thing About Berlin Is Potsdam

Kevin Alterfritz, historian and Potsdam aficionado, takes us beyond Berlin’s shadow to reveal why many believe Potsdam is the real highlight. We explore the city's hidden gems, from the Dutch Quarter to the Russian Colony and the palatial parks that outshine even Sanssouci. Kevin shares his personal...

October 28, 2023
01:00:0041.91 MB

A Barber and a Barista Move to Berlin

Lony and Sean fell in love with Berlin on a summer tour and spontaneously decided to swap their life in North Carolina for a fresh start in Berlin. The couple not only navigated the maze of immigration laws and managed to secure a skilled worker's visa for Sean, who's a barber by trade, but also qui...

September 16, 2023
47:5433.59 MB

"Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey" on Goofy Traditions, Disappointing Germans, Learning the Language and Anti-Americanism

Geoff and Alex — better known as "Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey" — join us to discuss their decade-long experience of living in Berlin. We talk about quirky German traditions, what it's like when everyone switches to English for your benefit and the pros and cons of the German supermarket-ex...

August 27, 2023
42:1629.73 MB

Being Vegan in Berlin (It's a Bit Like Living in the Future)

Back from our summer break, Manuel speaks with Olivia, Rae, and Laura who all chose a plant-based lifestyle. We talk about Berlin's reputation as a vegan haven, animal rights activism in Berlin and how to survive as a vegan when traveling to smaller towns in Germany. And: So many restaurant recommen...

June 17, 2023
29:4021.09 MB

Fines, Fees & a Summer Break

We're about to take a summer break — but first, a glimpse into Jae's "toxic relationship" with Berlin: He's getting evicted, received an unexpected 1,900 euros hospital bill and has a knack for receiving all kinds of fines and fees. Despite all that, he's staying resolute and optimistic.

June 11, 2023
13:009.63 MB

Secondhand Berlin: Buying and Selling Used Goods

Is there too much (or too little) stuff in your life? In this mini-episode, Manuel explains how to buy and sell used things in Berlin. Besides (not-eBay) Kleinanzeigen and Vinted, two popular online platforms, there's the hugely popular Mauerpark Flohmarkt, various other fleamarkets and the Berliner...

June 03, 2023
41:0828.95 MB

Open-Air Berlin: Live Music, Swimming and Hosting Events

Berlin is amazing in the summer! In this episode, Jae details his trip to a local nudist beach, and Manuel describes his experience at a Kings of Leon open-air show. We also recommend visiting Berlin's open-air swimming pools, and Jae shares his experience hosting a party at Tempelhofer Feld.

May 27, 2023
21:3515.53 MB

Parks and the City: Exploring Berlin’s Green Havens

Berlin, a city known for its urban "roughness," surprises visitors with its captivating parks. These green havens offer a respite from the hustle and bustle, inviting moments of escape, peace, and unity. In this episode, Jae shares his personal connection to some of Berlin's favorite parks and the s...

May 20, 2023
43:1430.39 MB

How To Find a Therapist in Berlin

In this episode, we share our personal experiences with therapy, offer guidance on recognizing when you might need therapy, and explain how to find an English-speaking therapist in Berlin. We also explain if and when therapy is covered by insurance in Germany, describe what a first consultation look...

May 13, 2023
19:0813.84 MB

Berlin’s Lakes: Beaches, Buzz, and Nudists

Berliners love their lakes — especially in the summer. In this episode, Manuel recommends 7 lakes to check out when you're new to the city, explains what a "Strandbad" is, urges you to avoid the crowds and gives a primer nudist culture (FKK) in Germany.

May 06, 2023
46:5132.87 MB

(Still) Finding a Place to Live: How To Perfect Your Housing Application

It's been a year, and Jae is still looking for a permanent place to live. This episode is all about what he's learned in the process. Everyone who got an amazing place at a good price "just got lucky" — but you won't get lucky without being fast and prepared. We explore how to navigate ImmoScout, th...

April 29, 2023
28:4520.45 MB

Thriving in Berlin: Tips for Transitioning Out of Survival Mode

Survival mode can be a necessary response when moving to a new city, but when does it become time to transition to thriving mode? In this episode, Jae reflects on his experiences of living in Berlin for over a year and the moment when he realized he had been in survival mode for too long. He shares ...

April 22, 2023
01:03:2744.27 MB

Life as an Au Pair in Berlin

In this episode, 19-year-old Olivia shares what it's like being an au pair in Berlin. She explains how to find an au pair family, shares what her working hours and pay look like, and provides "top tips to make an au pair stay great". We also dive into cultural differences between Germany and the UK.

April 15, 2023
12:379.36 MB

Berlin's Libraries

Berlin has sooo many libraries! In this episode, Manuel sums up the variety of resources offered by the VÖBB libraries, the Berlin State Library, and university libraries. You'll learn about the affordable library card and its benefits, including digital services and access to eBook, audio books and...

April 08, 2023
45:2131.85 MB

How to Not Date a Murderer in Berlin

Lulu Johnson, author of "Dating in Berlin: Tales of Modern Love and Relationships", joins us to share her wild dating experiences in the city of "non-commitment". In her 8 years of Berlin dating, she's seen it all — even the proud smile of a convicted murderer. We discuss why dating in Berlin seems ...

April 01, 2023
11:478.79 MB

What To Do If You Lose Your Passport In Berlin

Losing your passport (or getting it stolen) can be a very scary and daunting experience, especially if you’re not really sure what to do next. In this episode, we discuss what to do if you lose your passport while living in Berlin, including the specific process for reporting the loss or theft, obta...

March 25, 2023
01:02:3643.69 MB

Sweet Popcorn & Subtitles: Going to the Movies in Berlin

Ricardo Ancona, a true film nerd and former theater owner, declares Berlin a movie lover's paradise. In this episode, he unveils the secrets of German cinema etiquette – from sweet popcorn, licorice and wine to hushed tones – and explains audio and subtitle choices. He also provides an overview of t...

March 18, 2023
57:2640.15 MB

Navigating Berlin's Public Transportation System

Upon listener request, Manuel explores the ins and outs of using public transportation in Berlin. You'll learn about the various types of transportation available, such as the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, and trams, and how to find your route and buy tickets. You'll also hear about the different types of tickets...

March 11, 2023
49:4934.91 MB

The Acceptance of Imperfection: Creating Music and Photography in Berlin

Michel van Collenburg is a musician and photographer living in the Netherlands who, every year, finds his way back to Berlin for it’s creativity and inspiration. In this episode, we find out more about Michel’s journey and how he has made Berlin his “second home”. Michel offers insights into his cre...

March 04, 2023
26:2318.83 MB

Do You Miss America?

In this episode, Jae reflects on his 10-month journey of moving from Texas to Berlin. It explores Jae’s feelings of homesickness, what he misses most about the US, what he appreciates about Berlin, and whether he plans on staying in Berlin long-term. Through personal anecdotes and insights, Jae shar...

February 25, 2023
46:5932.96 MB

Reclaiming Your Birthright: How to Get German Citizenship in the Context of Restitution

Deborah's father was 16 when he fled Nazi Germany during a rescue effort of Jewish children known as the Kindertransport. He later raised a family in Australia and almost never spoke German anymore. Deborah and her siblings didn't consider claiming German citizenship until well into their adult live...

February 19, 2023
40:5028.75 MB

Birthdays Are Different in Germany

We're celebrating our first podcast-anniversary and starting a Discord Server. Join us to talk about all things Berlin! In this episode, we discuss the culture around anniversaries and birthdays in Germany — and how it compares to the US. Did you know that in Germany, you're the one supposed to give...

January 22, 2023
28:4920.49 MB

Insurance You Need (And Don't Need) in Germany

Boring, but kind of important: In this episode, Manuel explains which insurances are required by law in Germany, which ones are optional but important to have, and which ones you may pass on depending on your personal situation.

January 14, 2023
52:3436.8 MB

All the Dogs Are Moving to Berlin

Manuel adopted a dog! We explain the process of fostering and/or adopting a dog in Berlin, how to know you're ready to be a dog owner, what you'll need to do once the dog is in your home, and what to keep in mind if you want to bring your pet to Germany.

January 07, 2023
22:2416.09 MB

A Few Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Berlin

In this episode, Jae explains the lessons and tips he would tell his past self if he was moving to Berlin again for the first time.

December 31, 2022
47:1733.18 MB

Berlin Is Crazy on New Year’s Eve

German New Year's Eve traditions, how the German "Happy New Year" is different before and after January 1, why parts of Berlin go crazy (!) on New Year's Eve and our 2023 resolutions.

December 24, 2022
15:2011.24 MB

How Germans Spend Christmas

Advent calendars, Christmas markets, packed trains and the "Christkind" — Manuel shares what you can expect if you're spending Christmas in Germany for the first time.

December 17, 2022
54:3238.15 MB

Starting a Company in Berlin

“Berlin is as cool as Brooklyn, but cheap.” This sentence inspired Jeremy to move to Berlin in 2014. While starting to learn German, he found that none of the existing language learning apps enabled him to speak the language, so he decided to start his own: Seedlang. In this episode, he shares how t...

December 10, 2022
28:2820.26 MB

Being Black in Berlin

In this episode Jae talks about his experiences being Black in Berlin and how it has affected him emotionally and mentally. In this raw, uncut episode which feels more like a diary entry, Jae opens up on how he feels about his life here as a person of color and some of the internal and external chal...

December 03, 2022
42:3429.94 MB

Raising a Family as an Expat in Berlin & How the City Has Changed

Rachel Stern from The Local joins us to talk about having kids and raising a family in Berlin, Germany's working culture, life as a journalist, cash vs. cards, learning German, and the best and worst aspects of being an expat.

November 26, 2022
12:599.61 MB

Berlin Housing Scams & How To Get a Visa Teaching English

In this short solo episode, Manuel shares how to avoid getting scammed when looking for an apartment in Berlin, and explains how teaching English can be a way to legally stay and work in the city.

November 18, 2022
49:3336.62 MB

Berlin vs. the Rest of Germany

Jae talks about his first trips in Germany outside of Berlin (they didn't go as smoothly as planned). We then methodically go through some of the other major cities and "Bundesländer" (federal states) and compare them to Berlin — while Jae can't help but draw comparisons to certain US states and cit...

November 12, 2022
20:4014.89 MB

Being an Artist in Berlin

Berlin is a special place, especially for artists. In this episode, Jae explains how Berlin's art scene was a big inspiration for him to come here and how the art scene might compare to some other cities he's previously lived in. He provides personal insight and recommendations for the different typ...

November 05, 2022
32:5423.3 MB

Berlin Changes You

How does Berlin change you? We touch upon intercultural competence, Berlin's roughness, privilige, party life, safe spaces and boundaries while tackling this question.

October 29, 2022
33:1623.55 MB

After the Move: Anmeldung, Electricity, Gas & Internet

In this solo-episode, Manuel explains how to register after you move into an apartment in Berlin and how to sign up for electricity, gas and internet contracts. Also: Reflections on the first 8 months of this show and some fun listener emails.

October 22, 2022
39:5028.06 MB

Winter is Coming

Sunlamps, thick clothes & hot water bags: How we prepare for the infamous Berlin winter — and how the general energy in the city changes during the dark months. Also: Our stances on Christmas and gifts.

October 15, 2022
28:3720.35 MB

Mental Health Update

In this solo episode, Jae provides an update on his mental health and how he has been managing since he’s been living here. He discusses the effects of burnout and a few strategies on how to compassionately encourage yourself as you go through some of your challenges.

October 08, 2022
47:4333.47 MB

How to Marry a German

Manuel is joined by Chris and Stephanie, both from the United States, each married to a German spouse. They share how easy/difficult it was for them to get their Aufenthaltsgenehmigung in Germany and how the visa application process compares to getting a Greecard in the U.S. We also discuss Berlin F...

September 24, 2022
41:2629.16 MB

Rushing at the Checkout: Grocery Shopping in Germany

Why grocery shopping in Germany is "like the Hunger Games" (Jae), which supermarkets you should know about, how much groceries will cost you each month, and how to order them online.

September 10, 2022
52:5837.08 MB

Loneliness, Migratory Grief & Finding Friends in Berlin

Astha moved to Berlin from India without ever having visited the city. After a few exciting first weeks, she was struck by migratory grief. In this episode, we talk with her about how to deal with loneliness and how to find friends in a new place.

August 27, 2022
55:2338.73 MB

Being Gay in Berlin

Jack and Jae discuss what it's like being gay in Berlin. Topics include Berlin's party scene and sex culture, finding a gay doctor, dating, queer events and activities, and how to find other gay friends

August 18, 2022
50:2635.34 MB

How to Find a Job in Berlin

Jae finally got his working visa — and work is what this episode is about. Whether you'll be working in the "gig economy", as a freelancer, or as a regular employee, here are some ways you could try to make money in Berlin.

July 30, 2022
49:0534.41 MB

The Best Way to Learn German & How to Deal With Rude Berliners

Cari from Easy German joins us to describe the infamous Berlin mentality and ponder why Berliners often come across as cold or rude. We then try to establish the best method for learning German and share our favorite language learning tricks and resources.

July 12, 2022
33:5824.02 MB

Mental Health

We're back after a short hiatus to talk about one of the reasons we took a break: Mental health. Jae talks about a mental breakdown he experienced recently and we both share mental health resources available in Berlin and Germany.

June 04, 2022
52:3036.75 MB

How Much Money Do You Need to Survive in Berlin?

Berlin is not as cheap as it used to be — but it's still one of the more affordable capital cities in Europe. In this episode, we go through all of the monthly expenses you should budget for if you plan to live in Berlin.

May 21, 2022
42:4030.46 MB

How (Not) to Be a Tourist

Most people's first contact with Berlin is through travel. In this episode we discuss how to experience the city like a local. We also share Couchsurfing stories, explain how to spot a tourist and encourage you to go out and meet strangers.

May 08, 2022
45:4532.12 MB

Bank Accounts, Phone Plans, Schufa, Gyms and Cheap Meals

Jack is back on the show and joins us for lively (!) discussion on the best German bank account, which phone plan to choose and how to pick a "Fitnessstudio" (gym) in Berlin. We also cover the infamous Schufa, cheap meals in Berlin, burger places, milkshakes, bubble tea, prices for alcoholic drinks,...

April 26, 2022
45:2531.89 MB

Culture Shock

Jae has arrived in Berlin! While his trip couldn't have gone any smoother, his first week in the city was quite a roller coaster ride: He found his apartment on day one, marvelled at German doors and the local recycling system, discovered Apfelschorle (and the price of tap water), bought a bike, cra...

April 09, 2022
48:4035.06 MB

Cycling in Berlin (Without Breaking Your Collarbone)

Manuel's friend Jack has been cycling around Berlin every day since 2012 and joins us to explain everything you need to know about the topic: Why Berlin is best discovered by bike, how to buy a bike in the first place, which type of bicycle to get and why electric bikes are a little bit like horses.

March 26, 2022
44:3434.54 MB

Berlin's Neighborhoods

Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Neukölln, Tempelhof, Schöneberg, Mitte, Wedding, Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow, Tiergarten & Charlottenburg — an overview of Berlin's most important districts.

March 12, 2022
57:2740.15 MB

Finding a Place to Live in Berlin

Finding a place in Berlin will require a great deal of organization, optimism and endurance. We have some tips for you.

February 26, 2022
53:0249.25 MB

Berlin Has Just Always Called My Name

Why move to Berlin, which types of visas can get you here, what you should prepare before the move and how to get an appointment for the notorious Anmeldung.

February 09, 202203:163.69 MB


40,001 people are moving to Berlin.